Project Partners

Details should be given of project partners and their contributions. An organisation should only be named as a project partner if it is providing specific contributions (either direct or indirect) to the research project.

Research Councils will pay Research Councils' % contribution of the total costs of the project excluding the project partner contribution. Project partner contributions in cash or in-kind should be seen as additional to the Research Councils' % contribution and are not considered part of the fEC of the project. BBSRC operates an exception for Industrial Partnership Awards (see BBSRC Research Grants Guide for details).

Attach a letter to the proposal (attachment type "letter of support") from each partner.

The content of the letter should:

The letter should be dated and should be written when the proposal is being prepared. The letter should be targeted specifically to the project. A standard letter declaring support for the proposed work is not helpful.

If the proposal is part of a joint proposal, only provide details of project partners if the organisation is the lead organisation. (Please note that joint proposals are not applicable to AHRC.)

Name of partner organisation: If the organisation is a wholly owned subsidiary, enter the parent company.

Division/Department: Enter if applicable.

Address Details: These will be automatically entered after selecting an organisation.

Note: If the partner organisation is not in the searchable list, use Add New Organisation - found at the bottom of the search window after performing the search.

Title/Forenames of Contact: Enter the title and forenames (maximum of 3) of the person acting as the primary contact for the partner organisation.

Surname of Contact: Enter the surname of the primary contact.

Contact's Address: Enter details only if the primary contact's address is different from that given previously for the partner organisation. Full contact details must be given, including one of telephone or e-mail (the Council prefers to correspond by e-mail whenever possible).

Note: If the partner organisation is not in the searchable list, use Add New Organisation - found at the bottom of the search window after performing the search.

Direct contribution to the project: provide a brief description and the value of each of the direct contributions to be made by the project partner. These may consist of cash or other resources which are specifically to be used directly in the pursuit of the research, including, for example:

Indirect contribution to project: provide a description and, if appropriate, a value for each contribution to the project to be expended indirectly - for example:


The Project Partner’s involvement should be fully explained in the Case for Support.






MRC - Specific Guidance


Project Partners: Applicants should use this heading to enter the details of any Research Organisations (other than their own RO) will be making contributions to this project.


Applicants should not use this heading to include information about NHS Costs. Instead this information should be added in an “Additional Costs Proforma: NHS Support and Treatment Costs” form, available from the MRC.


ESRC & STFC - Specific Requirements

Please give details of any proposed collaboration with another individual or institution, including any funding committed.

Please give details of resources to be provided for this research other than those provided by the institution of the applicant or requested in this application to the ESRC or STFC. However, co-funding itself is neither necessary nor sufficient for an award to be made and contributions in kind, access or other assistance can be as important as financial contributions.

For each project partner added to the proposal a Project Partner Letter of Support must be uploaded, via the attachments section.

ESRC Public Sector Fellowship Scheme

This Scheme defines the 'project partner' as the public sector organisation which puts forward the Fellowship project. Due to expected limited information published in each call, there is no mandatory requirement to capture department or contact details.

There is no expectation that project partner costs should be captured.