Project Details

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Organisation is the research organisation where the grant or fellowship would be held.  Only those organisations that have registered to submit proposals through Je-S are available for selection. If the required organisation does not appear in the list, please consult that organisation's research grant administration department regarding plans for Je-S registration. The organisation list is maintained by the Je-S Helpdesk.


If an organisation appears in the list, it does not necessarily mean that it is eligible to apply for research grants or fellowships from the Council. Generally, research grants and fellowships are open to UK Universities and similar organisations, but eligibility can vary depending on the scheme. Check the relevant Council’s funding booklet for further details and contacts concerning eligibility.


The department list for the organisation is centrally maintained. If the required department is not listed or is named incorrectly, consult the organisation's research grant administration department, who should then contact the Je-S Helpdesk.


Use Your Reference to help distinguish easily between proposals in users' Current Documents lists. The reference is intended to be a unique identifier for the proposal and is unrelated to the reference that the organisation would be asked to provide if a grant were awarded. If an organisation does not have a system for referencing grant proposals, users should create their own.


Title of Proposed Work


The title should be as informative as possible, capturing the essence of the research or project.


It should not exceed 150 characters and must be completed.


Only standard ASCII characters and a limited set of accented characters may be used (Je-S character set). Avoid using specialist characters and symbols outside the Je-S character set (e.g. mathematical symbols), because these may not transfer successfully to other computer systems


Start Date and Duration



The costs of the applicant’s time in writing up the final report may be included in the proposal, but the duration of the fellowship should not be extended to include final report writing up time.






ESRC - Specific Guidance:

For Post Doctoral fellowships - applicants should take into account the length of time required to process their application in setting a realistic start date, this will be a minimum of 28 weeks. Applicants should be guided by paragraph 5.4 of the Research Funding Guide as an appropriate start date.


Please note that the start date should always be on 1st of the month.


Postdoctoral Fellowships will normally last for 12 months, except for those in Economics which can be held for up to 2 years. Part time awards can be for between 50% and 80% pro rata up to a maximum of 4 years in duration. All Fellows must be based at UK institutions that are eligible to receive ESRC funding.



STFC - Specific Guidance:

IPS Fellowships may begin at any time. The actual start date should be within six months of the announcement of the award.


Public Engagement Fellowships may start at any date within one year from the closing date for applications.


UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships: Check the Call Guidance documentation to determine whether there are specific UKRI specific requirements which would override the information above.