Other Support

Enter details of any support sought or received from any other source for this or other research in the same field.


Complete all fields for support either received or pending a decision.


Contributions from project partners should not be entered here. They should be detailed in the project partners section (or partnership details section for NERC).


ESRC - Specific Guidance

If this application has been submitted to any other organisation please provide details.

MRC and NC3Rs - Specific Guidance

MRC fellowships may not be used to supplement or be supplemented by any other fellowship. Give details of any other award expected during the period of the fellowship. Also give details of any award you have currently applied for, or are intending to apply for.


If a similar research programme has been submitted or is about to be submitted to any other research grant or fellowship funding organisation by you or by any other researcher, full details should be provided in the application form.



Please provide details of submission of the application or of a related application to other funding bodies. Applicants are asked to note that funding for the same research cannot be proposed to more than one Research Council or NIHR at any one time.


It is important that you indicate whether any financial support from another funding body has been sought, is already being provided, or is being sought for this or other research in the same field.



NERC - Specific Guidance

NERC will not consider applications that fall within the remit of any other Research Council. Applications in borderline or interdisciplinary areas should be discussed with one of the Research Councils in advance; candidates must not submit duplicate applications. Proposals deemed more appropriate to another Research Council will be rejected and the applicant advised to submit to the other Research Council, if closing dates allow. The final decision on the eligibility of a topic of research for a NERC Fellowship rests with NERC.

STFC - Specific Requirements

Applicants for Ernest Rutherford must provide details of any other awards they will receive, expect to receive or already hold during the tenure of a fellowship.


Applicants for Leadership in Public Engagement Fellowships should provide details of any other support sought or received from any other source for this or any other similar activities in the past three years.