Other Directly Allocated Costs

This section may include, for example:

The salary costs of support staff working on the project, full or part-time, whose activity is not supported by an auditable record.

A share of the costs of departmental support staff whose work supports a range of projects and activities, including infrastructure technicians.

The costs of access to major or small research facilities attributed on the basis of charge-out rates.  In accordance with TRAC, the total FEC of a grant containing charges for use by the project of existing research facilities must not include any net depreciation costs if the facility was purchased with Research Council funding

Select from the list of items given.

List item Guidance
Pool staff costs Costs for research, technical, administrative and other support staff, whose costs are not included in the estates or indirect costs and whose time is shared across several projects or activities and will not be supported by an auditable record. The need for these resources (but not the basis of costing) must be justified in the Case for Support/Justification of Resources.
Research facilities/existing equipment Charge out costs for use of major or small research facilities. The need for the requested amount of access to the facility/must be justified in the Case for Support/ Justification of Resources, but you do not need to justify the charge out rates.
Infrastructure technicians Infrastructure technicians do not require justification in the Case for Support
Animal costs The animal costs section of the form must be completed. This section will then be populated automatically. The need for animal costs must be justified in the Case for Support/Justification of Resources
Other Any other resources that will be used by the project but will be shared by other projects/activities and will be charged to the project on the basis of estimates rather than actual costs. A description should be provided and the need for these resources (but not the basis of costing) must be justified in the attachments  Case for Support/Justification of resources

Please note that input is restricted to one item per category above (Pool staff costs; Research facilities/Existing equipment; Animal costs; Other)

ESRC - Specific Requirements

The estimated costs for mentors (ESRC Postdoctoral and Mid-Career fellowship schemes) should be entered in this section under 'Other' directly allocated costs.

MRC - Specific Requirements


Predoctoral fellowships only: All costs for predoctoral fellowships should be entered as directly incurred costs.