The objectives of the proposed project should be listed in order of priority and should be those that the applicant would wish the Council to use as the basis for evaluation of work upon completion of any grant awarded.


This field must be completed using:





ESRC - Specific Requirements


Please give a concise list of the aims or objectives of the research that should be achieved by the end of the award period. These are likely to be in one or more of the following areas:



The publication of a book or article is regarded as a means of disseminating a contribution to theory or knowledge, policy or practice. The objectives should be phrased to indicate what contribution to the theoretical, policy or practical field that publications are designed to fulfil.


When evaluating the success of any project, ESRC will seek to assess how far the originally agreed aims and objectives were achieved. Objectives should be such that their achievement in whole or in part can be assessed.


Please indicate any longer-term impacts the research may have in the areas indicated.



MRC - Specific Requirements


Objectives: Applicants should state their research objectives in order of priority. This section can be used to illustrate links between Career Intentions and Technical Summary.


Career Intentions: Applicants should indicate the reasons for applying for the fellowship in the Career Intentions section, ensuring to detail how they meet the skills and experience (for further information, please see the Skills and Experience table, https://www.mrc.ac.uk/skills-careers/applicant-skills-and-experience/) required for a given scheme, and outline their short- and long-term research and career intentions. In the case of medically qualified applicants this section should include details of how they will balance their research and clinical commitments and plans for the completion of specialist training.


Collaborations Explanation: Summarise - up to a maximum of 2,000 characters - your proposed significant national and international collaborations with individuals and affiliations, and with organisations, both commercial and academic.


A statement indicating the willingness of each collaborator to co-operate must be submitted with your application as 'Letter of Support' within the attachment section of the Fellowship Proposal.

NC3Rs  - Specific Requirements


In the 'Objectives' section please outline the main objectives of the proposed research in order of priority (not necessarily chronological).


In the 'Career Intentions' section please provide an outline of your current career intentions and any further support or experience required. A proposal can include an element of multidisciplinary research at a collaborating organisation, such as an industrial partner or different Research Organisation (including overseas).


Details of the contribution of the collaboration and why it will benefit the research and training experience of the Fellow should be included in the 'Collaborations Explanation' section.


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