Non-Staff Resources

List any other directly incurred costs in this section, with a brief description of each item, or group of items.

Items should be specified as far as possible in the attachments 'Case for Support' and 'Justification of resources' and justified in terms of requirement for the research proposed.

Examples of items that may be included under this heading are:

MRC Predoctoral fellowships only: Costs for predoctoral fellowships are limited to the Fellow’s salary and a total of £20,000 per annum (pro rata). This may be used for consumables, travel costs, PhD fees, equipment, etc. Costs incurred from training at an Overseas Centre/2nd Centre/Industry Placement and the cost of animals (including costs of obtaining animals and their maintenance but excluding additional experimental costs) may be requested in addition to the £20k pa limit, and they should be clearly noted in both the Application form and Justification of Resources attachment. Costs incurred by animals should be added to the ‘Animal Costs’ section.

All costs for predoctoral proposals would usually be listed as Directly Incurred costs. Estates costs and Indirect costs are not payable for predoctoral fellowships and these sections should be entered as £0.

Predoctoral fellowships are not awarded under the FEC framework and will be awarded at 100% of costs; however while the Je-S Fellowship configuration is still ongoing, all applicants should apply to the ‘Fellowships FEC’ Scheme and complete as normal, ignoring any automatic profiling to 80% in the form. Predoctoral fellowships will be re-profiled post-award.

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships: Check the Call Guidance documentation to determine whether there are specific UKRI specific requirements which would override the information above.