Sponsors/Supervisors (MRC and NC3Rs only)

All applicants must complete this section (adding a minimum of one Sponsor/Supervisor). An entry should be submitted for each sponsor/supervisor. In the case of early career awards (E.G. Skills Development Fellowships) this section should be completed by the applicants supervisor(s).

For intermediate and senior awards this section should be completed by at least one senior member of the department who has academic responsibility for the fellow. The Sponsor should have expertise in the scientific area of the application and will act as guarantor for the quality of the proposed research, suitability of the candidate and level of training and development the department will provide.

All Sponsors/Supervisors can be set up as an Editor with View and Edit Rights so they can complete their own details if required.

Additional Letters of Support may also be appended to the proposal as separate attachments for each Sponsor/Supervisor added to the proposal.

Sponsors/Supervisors Payroll Costs:

Sponsors and supervisors are not expected to request funds to support their time as part of a post-doctoral fellow’s proposal. In exceptional circumstances this may be appropriate; if requested, their contribution to the project should be detailed in the justification of resources and the request should not exceed 5% of their time (or a total of 5% FTE across all sponsor/supervisors if more than one is named). The associated cost should be entered as a directly allocated researcher cost. Pre-doctoral Clinical Research Training Fellowship applicants may request costs to support supervisors’ time or PhD fees but not both. In either case the request must be within the £20,000 per annum limit.

Please note that a CV should not be submitted for the Sponsor/Supervisor except if applying to the Pre-doctoral Clinical Research Training Fellowship or in exceptional cases where salary support is requested. In this case they should complete the Sponsors’ section of the form and attach a CV (please see the MRC website for the CV template: CRTF Supervisor CV Template).

Guidance: Adding the New Sponsor/Supervisor details to the Je-S Fellowship proposal:

Please note that the Sponsor details are added in 3 separate stages:

Stage 1

‘Add New Sponsor/Supervisor’: Select Sponsor option from the document menu list and then selecting the ‘Add New Sponsor’ option. This will then give you the option to select the ‘Select Person’ option where you can then input the sponsors Surname and Initial and then search the database for his/her details.

Please note, if the details of your Sponsor/Supervisor are not returned within the search results, you have the option to add the persons details to your proposal by selecting the ‘Add New Person’ button (below Search and Cancel buttons), following your search of the database.

Stage 2

‘Edit Sponsor/Supervisor Details’: After successfully adding the Sponsors details to your proposal, please select the ‘Edit’ option adjacent to the persons details you have added. You will then see two links ‘Edit Sponsor/Supervisor Details’ and ‘Edit Department Details’ (which also requires completion). Select the link and then complete the required information before selecting the ‘Save’ option.

Stage 3

‘Edit Department Details’: After completing the 'Sponsor/Supervisor' Details the applicant should then complete the Sponsors/Supervisors Department Details by selecting the appropriate link and then saving the information that has been detailed.