Data Collection (ESRC only)

Please refer to the full statement of ESRC's Research Data Policy ( and datasets deposition requirements in the Research Funding Guide ( Please note that all applicants planning to generate data as part of their award must include a Data Management Plan as a mandatory attachment to their application.

If the research involves data creation or collection, we strongly recommend that you consult the UK Data Service (UKDS) ( early on. Visit the UKDS web pages for ESRC grant applicants at:  or for more specific queries please contact the service directly by email: or telephone 01206 872974.

Applicants are eligible to claim costs for cataloguing and preparing data for archiving. If these costs are claimed from the ESRC, they will have to be included in the overall costs of project. The applicants are required to fill in the relevant section in the Je-S form and where appropriate to provide more information in the Justification of Resources. Where necessary, please seek clarification of these costs by contacting UKDS at the contact points above.