Choice of Host Institution

Applicants for STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships and for all NERC Fellowships must justify their choice of proposed host institution in a clear statement not exceeding 4000 characters.


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NERC - Specific Guidance

NERC believes it is often beneficial for candidates to undertake a fellowship at a different institution to where they received postgraduate training or are currently employed. Fellowships offer a degree of flexibility and autonomy beyond a standard postdoctoral position and fellows should be able to show independence and have the personality and skills to be able to exploit this freedom to establish links and collaborations. However, NERC recognises that there may be circumstances where moving institutions is not appropriate due to the institution providing unique facilities or opportunities or for domestic arrangements. The choice of host institution must be justified in the proposal. If a candidate has been at the same institution both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate and does not intend to move on, the reason should be clearly stated.

STFC – Specific Guidance

It is the applicant’s responsibility and not the host institution’s, to complete this section.


Applicants must provide a clear statement in the proposal as to the choice of institution. In many cases the Fellowship offers an ideal opportunity to change institution in order to gain wider experience, while in some scientific areas it may be appropriate and, indeed, necessary for applicants to remain at the Institution where they are currently based. If applicants are applying to hold a Fellowship at an institution in order to colocate with a spouse or partner, this should be made clear in the proposal. Applying to hold a Fellowship at a particular institution because of family constraints will not disadvantage a candidate. If the choice of institution is for personal reasons, the applicant should indicate this in the appropriate section on the cv template.