Communications Plan (MRC only)

The following are examples of user communities for MRC research: industry, charities, universities, local authorities and other public bodies, government departments and independent policy bodies. This section should be completed with this in mind.

Potential impacts for academic and non-academic users of the research should be included as relevant. MRC attaches great importance to the communication of research findings both within and beyond the academic community. The following should be noted:

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NC3Rs Specific

In order to generate the highest 3Rs impact, the NC3Rs considers a strong communication and dissemination plan to be a key consideration. Please outline how you will communicate and disseminate your research to scientific audiences in order to encourage uptake of the 3Rs benefits; this should not be limited to just publications and conference attendance.

What plans, if any, do you have for communicating information about your work to the public? How are these plans supported by the host institution’s own policies and facilities for communication with, and education of, the public?

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