Use this heading to request individual items of equipment dedicated to the project and costing £3000 or more (including VAT). Include capital costs plus any maintenance and other related costs that are not included in the Research Organisation's estates costs. Single items of equipment costing less than £3000 should be included in the Other Directly Incurred costs.

For example:

All entries must be justified in the Case for Support.

All fields must be completed for each entry.

All costings should be at current prices with no allowance for inflation.

The description should contain a brief summary of the item or group of items so that they may easily be cross-referenced with the Case for Support.

If VAT and/or Import Duty do not apply, a value of zero should be entered in these fields - the host organisation should clarify the position on tax and duty with the relevant authority before submitting the proposal.

For all equipment and surveys costing more than £25,000, professionally qualified procurement staff must be consulted at the beginning of the procurement process and must approve the order before it is placed with the supplier. Additional documentary evidence for the estimated cost (e.g. supplier’s written quote, specialist advice) should be included as in the ‘Equipment’ section as attachment type ‘Equipment Quotation’.

For all items of equipment requested with a value of £100,000 or greater, three equipment quotations must be uploaded.  Where you believe that there are less than three potential suppliers for an item you should explain this in the ‘Justification of Resources’ attachment. For items of equipment which cost less than £100,000 but more than £25,000, it is optional to provide quotations and up to three can be uploaded.

The cumulative value of equipment and surveys costing in excess of £50,000 will automatically be captured under the 'Exceptions' heading in the resources summary table and paid at 100% fEC.

Please use the following links for Council specific guidance - AHRCEPSRC ESRC and STFC.