Nominated Reviewers


General Guidance






General Guidance

Provide details of referees whom the Council may approach for review of the research proposal. If your proposal is part of a joint proposal, only provide details of nominated reviewers if your organisation is the lead organisation.


If the person you require is not in the searchable list, use the Add New Person button - found at the top of the search results, underneath the search and cancel buttons.


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BBSRC specific - Nominated Reviewers:

Details of four reviewers must be given. Keywords (using no more than 150 characters) should be provided to indicate each referee's area of expertise.

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EPSRC specific - Nominated Reviewers:

For most schemes, details of three reviewers must be given. Investigators should note that delays in processing their proposal may occur if nominated reviewers are unavailable or do not have the appropriate expertise for the proposal in question.

Investigators should avoid nominating more than one reviewer from the same organisation.

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ESRC specific - Nominated Reviewers:

You should seek the person's permission before nominating them as a reviewer.

Academic reviewers

You may provide details of up to two people from outside your institution(s) who can provide expert comment on your proposal, one of whom will normally be selected as a reviewer. Applicants at the beginning of their research careers are permitted to nominate one reviewer from their own institution, however the usual policy is that the academic reviewers must not be located within the submitting organisation (to avoid conflict of interest).

User Reviewers

You may provide the details of up to two potential users of the research who can comment on the utility of the research outcomes. For research where it is difficult to identify value to users outside the research community, these nominations may be left blank. User (eg non academic) reviewers must not be located within the submitting organisation (to avoid any conflict of interest).

Proposals will not be disadvantaged by the absence of nominated reviewers.

Follow on Fund Scheme

Applicants applying under the ESRC Follow on Fund scheme should note that it is a mandatory requirement that 2 academic and 2 user reviewers are nominated.

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NERC specific - Nominated Reviewers:

Details of up to four reviewers may be given.

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STFC specific - Nominated Reviewers:

Details of one reviewer may be given.

Investigators should seek, wherever possible, to inform the reviewers that they have been nominated in order to check their availability and alert them to the possibility of being asked to review the proposal.

Public Engagement Awards

For Public Engagement Large Awards please provide the names of two reviewers that STFC can approach for an assessment of your proposal

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