All costs that contribute to the full economic costs (fEC) of the proposal should be included.

All costs should fall under one of the following cost headings:

Note: For grants awarded with an announced start date after 1 April 2013 the Research Councils will not include provision for publication costs.

All costings should be at current prices, inclusive of VAT and other taxes where applicable, with no allowance for inflation. Any allowance for inflation that has been included in the full economic costing of the proposal by the Research Organisation must be excluded. The Research Councils may include an allowance for inflation if a grant is awarded.

Resources to be provided by project partners, whether cash or in-kind contributions, should be clearly identified in the proposal. These contributions are not considered to be part of the fEC of the project.


All costs associated with the research project must be justified.

The document should be attached as type Justification of Resources.


For STFC applications the justification of resources should be included within the Case for Support.