STFC - Specific Requirements

Applicants should refer to the STFC Research Grants Handbook:   and to the specific guidelines relevant for the type of proposal they wish to submit for directions on the length, format and content of the Case for Support. Applicants should also check the specific guidelines regarding any essential supplementary information or attachments that should be submitted as part of the proposal.

The completed proposal form, accompanying Case for Support and any supplementary information or attachments should be submitted to STFC by the relevant closing date.

A Data Management Plan is mandatory on most STFC schemes and should be a maximum of two sides of A4. If it is felt that a DMP is not relevant to the proposal then please upload a document stating why to pass validation requirement.

For every Project Partner added to the proposal a “Project Partner Letter of Support” attachment must be attached – this should be uploaded within this section, not in the attachments section.

Please note that attachments uploaded as “other” or “Proposal cover letter” will not automatically be made available to reviewers in JeS.  Where there is another attachment type that you can use (that is relevant to the content) then please use this instead.

Equipment (if applicable)

Please select here to view the guidance on equipment

Specific guidance for the STFC Case for Support attachment can be found at STFC Case for Support - what to include:

         All attachments (including any references provided as part of the Case) should be written in one of the following fonts: