Animal Species (BBSRC specific)


If the research involves the use of non-human primates, dogs, cats, pigs and/or equidae, additional information must be given in the supporting information section.


For species other than non-human primates, dogs, cats, pigs and/or equidae, you must fully justify the choice of species and numbers of all animals required, including power calculations where appropriate.


Note: NC3Rs is currently reviewing the use of pigs on BBSRC grant proposals only.


The list does not currently include an ‘Other’ option; if your animal species does not appear in the list, please select ‘Other Rodent’ and detail your actual species in the justification text box.


Estimates of the number of animals needed should, where possible, take into account the likely magnitude of the effect, the required statistical significance and power, and the factors that might affect this. Other points that must be addressed include:



Please note that this requirement applies whether or not the animals are to be purchased with funds requested within the proposal itself.


Please refer to the Animal Use section in the BBSRC Grants Guide for full details.