Non fEC Expenditure Statement




Expenditure statements are required to enable the Research Councils to meet their responsibilities in accounting for the use of public funds.


The Statement must provide details of how the funds awarded on the Grant have been spent and under which headings.


The Research Organisation (RO) may increase the amounts within individual headings of expenditure by transfer from another heading, subject to any restrictions within the Grant Conditions.


Note: There may be validations applied at scheme level which will not allow transfers of funds between headings.


Expenditure Statements are placed in the Je-S Finance Submitter Pool (or the Finance Approver Pool if a two-stage submission process is used). The Finance functional e-mail account will be notified that the statement has been issued. RO Users will have been set up by the RO to administer the statements. The document will include the Due Date by which the document must be submitted to the Council, this is normally 3 months after the Grant has finished.


Navigation Tips:


Non fEC Expenditure statements can be found after logging into the User’s Je-S account:



Expenditure Statements have to be taken out of the Pool and assigned to the User’s account:




Having selected and assigned the statement(s) the User will be returned to the list of their allocated documents and can then Open the document:



An example of a non fEC Expenditure Statement is shown below. The sections of the document can be accessed either through the document headings or by selecting 'Next' or 'Previous' however if using these buttons you should ensure you save any data entered as it may be lost.





The Document Menu on the left hand side will display in the bracket the number of items which have been added eg:



To amend the date click on the calendar icon image14.gifClicking on the Month at the top or the arrows to change the year and month as appropriate. Alternatively enter the date in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Saving the details on  the document screen:

Select “Save” from the top of the screen


Validation messages:


 The triangle indicates a warning- hover over the warning triangle for more information.


 The red symbol indicates that information is missing and must be provided - hovering over the red symbol will indicate which student(s) details need to be amended. If the details are cleared, but the symbol remains, check whether another student record is now indicated.


When the document is completed the Submit option will be available:



The Expenditure Statement


Expenditure Details Summary:

Within the Expenditure Details Summary the Total Authorised (includes any Additional Funding Streams added during the lifetime of the Grant) and Paid to Date against the fund headings will be displayed. Under the Expenditure Column the total amount, for example the Consumables, Fees, Fieldwork, Other Costs, RTSG  (the headings will vary according to the Council and scheme ) details can be entered into the blank fields. An example is:



For other headings eg DSA (Disabled Student Allowance), Student Stipend, Equipment and Travel and Subsistence  the details should be entered via the headings on the Document menu. The totals will then be displayed in the Summary table.


When completed use the Calculate Total button to update the Balance.


Depending on which Research Council/Scheme combination the Grant was awarded under, the Expenditure statement will contain a subset of the following headings:


Fund Headings.

Adding Items


Depending how the scheme is set up ‘Absence’ can be recorded by Selecting   'Add New' and then:

i)                    If a Description text box:


Add a brief text description of Name and type of absence and the dates


ii)                   If drop down options:



Click on the person you require from the returned list (if they are not listed first add their details under the Staff/stipend section before recording their absence). 


Choose the type of absence from the drop down list, (ie maternity, paternity, sick or other leave)


Enter the start and end dates of the absence period, along with the Total cost.


Select “Save” from the top of the screen

Once saved, the item will be displayed in a list and can be amended by selecting “edit” on the left of the description or selecting “delete” on the right.


 Additional Items can be added by selecting ‘Add New’.



Add an item of Equipment by clicking on 'Add New Equipment' and enter a brief description of the Item, the date Ordered, date Purchased and the Total Cost. The Equipment Item must have been purchased after the grant started and at least 6 months before the grant end date.

Select “Save” from the top of the screen

Additional Items can be added by selecting ‘Add New’.



Single Value item to be added within the Expenditure Details Summary

Travel and Subsistence

Add travel and subsistence by clicking on 'Add New Travel and Subsistence'. Enter a brief description of the item and its cost.


Select “Save” from the top of the screen

Additional Items can be added by selecting ‘Add New’.



Add staff members by clicking 'add new'.


The name of the staff member can be typed directly into the 'Name' field, or 'Select' which will allow a search using the first few letters of a surname and/or initials.


Click on the person from the returned list and then continue to complete the data fields. Some fields may not be editable depending on which staff type you select.


Fields required: Name, Start Date, End Date– must be between Grant Start Date and Grant End Date.) Staff Type, FTE %,

·         Grade, Spine Start Point, Spine End Point, Net Salary, National Insurance, Superannuation. Total Cost.


Student Stipend

Stipends will only be paid for those students that have been (created and submitted) through Je‑S Studentship Details and (edited and resubmitted) Studentship Batch Update.


Select the link  to add students that were supported on the grant. The list will only show those that have already been linked to the grant in Studentship Details.



If a student’s details are not available it may be necessary to associate the student to the grant and resubmit the Student Details. There will be a delay before the student will then become available in the Expenditure Statement list. The delay is normally in the order of a number hours but if it is a new Student Detail record (not previously been submitted) then the process can take up to 2-3 days.


Having added a student to the Expenditure Statement, you may need to edit a number of their details. The Document Menu will indicate if a student’s details are failing validation:




A student(s) details may be amended or deleted:


The headings which can be edited within the Stipend section are:


Start date, End date: these are the dates for which the student was funded from this particular grant (even if there was a gap in the funding). They are not necessarily the start and end dates of the studentship.


% Full time: This refers to whether the student was studying full time or not. If the %FTE varied then provide the average over the period. Enter a numeric value only.

Stipend: This is the total stipend drawn from the grant over the duration between the start and end dates. It is initially populated with the values recorded in Studentship Details. Enter a numeric value only.

Fees charged to Grant?, EU Student? Except for International Doctoral Scholarships, only students with a relevant connection with the UK, based on the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007 and subsequent amendment, may receive both fees and stipend from a training grant. Students with a relevant connection to an EU country other than the UK are eligible for fees only. Except for International Doctoral Scholarships, students without a relevant connection to an EU country are not eligible for funding from a training grant.


Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)


Please provide details of the payments for Disabled Student Allowances (DSA).


This section should be completed for Claims that have been previously approved and additional funding has been provided.


New claims for DSA during the final year of the Grant should also be entered here.


Select ‘add new’. A new screen will open.


Name: Provide the name of the Student. If the student’s name is not returned when the Search option is Selected (A) then click into the text field and manually enter the Forename and Surname (B).






If the Claim has been previously approved- Prefix the description with Approved and provide brief details


If this is a new Claim: - Prefix the description with New Claim see Attached Claim Form*


If the Student has previously received approval for a Claim and a further new claim is being made then complete two entries- Approved and New Claim*.


Start Date and End Date: Enter the start and End period which the claim covers.


Total Cost: Enter the total cost of the Claim. Enter a numeric value only.

Select “Save” from the top of the screen

The details can subsequently be Edited or Deleted.

*If making a new claim then a DSA Claim form must be submitted as an attachment to the DSA.


The DSA Claim form is available on the RCUK website at:


The Claim form is available in PDF document and Excel format. A form per each new student claim is required but all the claims should be submitted as a single document. If using the Excel spreadsheet then it should be converted to a PDF document before uploading to the Attachments section (Excel is not a supported document type on the Je-S System).



Single Numeric Value item to be added within the Expenditure Details Summary

Field work

Single Numeric Value item to be added within the Expenditure Details Summary

Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)

Single Numeric Value item to be added within the Expenditure Details Summary

Other Costs

Single Numeric Value item to be added within the Expenditure Details Summary.  To include any Additional Funding Streams

Rejection Reason

Rejection Reason


If the Document Menu includes a heading of Rejection Reason this indicates that the Statement has previously been submitted but has been returned by the Council for amendment eg:





To attach supporting documentation or new DSA claim forms Select


A new screen will open.


Browse to find the letter/email stored on your computer.


Description: Provide a description which would be useful to research council staff.

Select Document Type of ‘Other’.

Select Save.  You will now be returned to the Attachment summary screen. Further attachments can be added.   You can Edit or Delete items from this screen.


Long Term Attachments (LTA) STFC training grants only

ROs who have been awarded additional funding on their Training Grant for Long Term Attachments (LTA) for their students should attach a LTA reconciliation form and submit with the FES.  Failure to submit this document will result in the FES being returned.