The document menu screen is the main screen for editing the Expenditure Statement. All actions on the Expenditure Statement can be accessed from this page. Data functions are listed on the left and document functions are listed on the right.

Clicking on the Expenditure Details Summary will show you the Expenditure Statement's Full Economic Cost, Research Council Contribution, Paid to Date values, Expenditure, Balance and %FEC values for the various fund headings.

The Full Economic Cost, Research Council Contribution and Paid to Date values are not editable as they are provided by the Research Council, but the expenditure details may be amended either by typing directly into the field where a single value is required (denoted by a white box) or by clicking the fund heading where a list of items is required (denoted by a greyed-out box and a hyperlink on the fund heading). 

You may also access each fund heading by clicking directly on the links below the expenditure details summary on the document menu screen. The figure shown in brackets beside each heading shows the number items currently under the respective fund heading.

Once the data has been amended, click 'calculate' to refresh the sub-total, indirect and total values and click 'save' to save your changes.