BBSRC Keywords

This screen presents a table listing the Keyword/Research Topic combinations that will be held in your record when you submit your form. The table will be pre-populated with any existing keyword data that BBSRC holds for you. Depending on your browser and screen resolution you may need to scroll to view the full table. Brief guidance is provided at the top of the screen.

The list may be edited as follows:

  1. To remove an entry from the list, select the word by clicking on the tick box to its left, and then click on the button labelled 'Remove Keywords' (this button will be disabled unless at least one tick box is ticked). You can make multiple selections from the list. If you wish to de-select any entry that you have previously selected simply click its tick box again.

  2. To add an entry to the list, click on the button labelled 'Select More Keywords'. This will take you to the 'Add Keywords’ screen; you may then search the database for relevant keywords using search terms of two or more characters. Please indicate whether the keyword reflects your primary expertise or an area of secondary expertise. You may select any number of keywords at a Primary or Secondary level providing the combined total doesn't exceed 40. The full range of keywords and a definition of Primary and Secondary expertise can be viewed at: BBSRC Keywords and Definitions

You may select up to 40 keywords. If your list contains more than 40 entries you will receive an error message, and you will be required to remove some entries before being able to confirm your selections.

The top two levels of Research topic and Science area classifications assigned to awarded grants will be displayed for grant categorisation on the Gateway to Research portal

It is essential that the keyword data held in your record is accurate and up to date as it plays an important role in BBSRC’s reviewer and panel member selection process.

When finished reviewing your keyword/research topic combinations you can return to the ‘My Details’ page by using the ‘Back to My Details’ link at the bottom of the screen.