Panel Areas


Selecting the Panel Area


To select the appropriate panel, click on the panel name to highlight it.


Details about the Panels can be found on the NERC website at:




Select "Save" from the top of the screen



General Guidance


NERC has 3 stable panel portfolios to assess Discovery Science funding proposals for Standard/Standard New Investigator and Fellowship grants. Applicants submitting proposals to these Discovery Science calls are asked to select the appropriate panel to assess their proposal.


If this is part of a joint proposal the Principal Investigator on the Lead proposal  will need to assign the appropriate panel area. The panel area for component proposals must match the panel selected by the lead.


NERC will reserve the right to change the panel allocation post-submission, but the applicants will be consulted if any changes are made.


NERC’s classification of science within its remit is part of the ‘’RCUK Research Classification’’. As part of this classification NERC has 51 science topics grouped within higher-level research subjects. NERC has used these topics to create the 3 stable portfolio areas.