Research Committee: Committees’ remits are available on the BBSRC website.

Strategic Priorities: these are also available on the BBSRC website.

Strategic Plan Objectives: classify the fellowship proposal according to the Strategic Plan Objective classifiers listed on the screen. Apply 1 to 5 classifiers. Classifications will not be used in the assessment of the fellowship proposal but may be used for reporting against Strategic Plan Objectives and for analysing the BBSRC portfolio by scientific area.

Keywords: enter between 5 and 8 keywords that summarise the fellowship proposal as follows:


The keywords that are selected will be used to assist BBSRC Scientific Peer Review staff, in matching your proposal with suitable referees who have provided their keywords using the same classification system. The Form comprises a number of different screens, as described below. You must select between one and eight keywords.


This screen presents a table listing the Keyword/Research Topic/Science Area combinations that will be held in your application when you submit your form. The first time you open this screen, the table will be empty.

The list may be edited as follows:

1. to add an entry to the list, select on the appropriate command labelled 'Add new keyword(s)', and this will take you to the 'Add new keywords’ screen (see below).

2. to remove an entry from the list, select the tick box to the left to select it, and then select the command labelled 'Remove selected keywords'. Multiple selections from the list are possible.

The maximum number of entries allowed in the table is eight. If your list contains more than eight entries a warning message will appear alerting you to this, and you will need to remove some entries before you will be able to submit your Form:

Warning: You have 10 keyword research topic combinations.
You are limited to a maximum of 8 to cover the science contained within your research proposal.

It is essential that the keyword data held in your record are as accurate as possible; these data will play an important role in our referee selection process.

Add new keywords screen
This is the screen in which you may search for and select any of our standard Keyword/Research Topic/Science Area combinations and add them to your application’s list.

1. You may search our standard list either by Keyword, by Research Topic or by ‘Science Area’. If you choose the third option, two boxes with drop down arrows will appear, firstly you should choose the Science Area within which you would like to search. All the Research Topics for the selected Science Area will be displayed. By selecting one of these Research Topics the associated Keywords will then be made available for selection.

2. If searching by Keyword or Research Topic, select the text entry box above the 'Search' button, and type in at least two consecutive characters from the word that you wish to search for (these need not be the first two letters). When you have finished entering your search term, select the 'Search' button.
3. The results of the search will appear in Keyword / Research Topic / Science Area table. If there is an entry that you wish to add to your list you should select the adjacent tick box and then the 'Add selected' button located under the search results table: multiple selections from the search results are possible, select the tick boxes for each of the keywords you require. You may need to scroll down to reach the 'Add selected' button, depending on your screen resolution and browser settings. Selecting it will return you to the previous screen, which will have been updated to include your choice(s).

Note: If adding the number of search results that you select would make your personal list exceed the limit of eight entries then a warning message will appear.